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The case of time is perplexing in a way that these other cases are not. On the one hand, there is not the same wide metaphysical gulf between the present and other times as there is between the actual world and other possible worlds. What goes on in the present and at other times is somehow part of the same all-encompassing reality in a way in which what goes on in the actual world and in other possible worlds is not. On the other hand, there is not the same metaphysical equality between the present and the past or future as there is between different minds. What goes on in the future, or in the past, does not seem real to the same extent or in the same way as what goes on in the present. Thus the past and future appear to have some kind of intermediate status - neither clearly existing outside of reality, like other possible worlds, nor clearly being part of reality, like other minds.
Kit Fine (via philosophy-quotes)